• Crunch - ELLIPSES

    The opening number when Singularity, Cartwheel, Whirlpool, Triangulum, Andromeda, and Milky Way pray together.

  • Warp, Waves, and Wrinkles - ELLIPSES

    The big production number near the end of first act when Milky Way learns to accept their adolescent self.

  • Symmetry - TOUR

    The opening number when Atom, Lepton, Boson, and the particles start college in the Accelerator.

    "Symmetry" · TOUR

    “Symmetry” was unveiled at Musical Cafe: The SF Bay Area Musical Theatre Development Program on September 12, 2020 and at Musical Theatre Factory on September 21, 2020. Vocals: Rina Lubit & Diana Easter & Brian Egland & Rebecca Chan · Composer & Lyricist: David Quang Pham #TourTheMusical

    Posted by TOUR on Saturday, November 28, 2020
  • POP

    Anomaly is Everything - ELLIPSES

    The family favorite song of ELLIPSES.

    "Anomaly is Everything" · ELLIPSES

    “Anomaly is Everything” is dedicated to Working Title Playwrights. Vocals: Abby Holland & Therecia Lang · Composer & Lyricist: David Quang Pham #Ellipses #AnomalyIsEverything

    Posted by ELLIPSES on Friday, January 1, 2021
  • Parallax - ELLIPSES

    Gravity is trying to get SPT0615-JD to relax.

  • Backscatter - TOUR

    Quark tells Lepton that they are ending their doctoral advisor-student relationship.

    "Backscatter" · TOUR

    “Backscatter” was unveiled at Musical Theatre Factory on June 26, 2020. Vocals: Diana Easter & Kami Visitsak · Narration: Bianca Waechter · Composer & Lyricist: David Quang Pham #TOURTheMusical

    Posted by TOUR on Friday, July 10, 2020

  • Entanglement - TOUR

    Boson entangles Quark in a research proposal.

  • Time is Relative - ELLIPSES

    Cartwheel and Whirlpool discover time together.

    "Time is Relative" · ELLIPSES

    “Time is Relative” premiered for Working Title Playwrights, in celebration of Lunar New Year. This is the first draft's take of this song. This duet has drastically changed in the following drafts. Vocals: Kari Twyman & Skye Passmore · Stage Manager: Alexis McKay · Composer & Lyricist: David Quang Pham #Ellipses #TimeIsRelative

    Posted by ELLIPSES on Monday, April 12, 2021
  • WAVE

  • Cutting Edge - ELLIPSES

    SPT0615-JD wants to go to the Edge of the Universe.

  • Bounce - ELLIPSES

    The choreographic opener and motif of the Galaxies.

  • Valence - TOUR

    Lepton tries to teach Quark that validation is unnecessary while they juggle orbitals of students.


  • Big Bang - ELLIPSES

    The violent altercation between Singularity, Gravity, and SPT0615-JD.

  • David Quang Pham

    David Quang Pham (he★him)

    With an astrophysics degree, his colleagues went out to discover new ions, fight cancer with lasers, and stop asteroids from hurtling into our planet. He has been instrumental, too. With any spirited artistic community, he brought the theoretical principles. The world of theatre brings the spirit of experimentation. He loves the theatre space and space in general.

    Due to youthful trips to space camp and operas, Musical Theatre Science Communicator David Quang Pham now writes love letters to science and devises stories from its branches. After completing an astrophysics and theatre education at Michigan State University, he studied under an apprenticeship at Working Title Playwrights in Atlanta. Janelle Lawrence mentors him, helping his music span a broad range of musical styles including gospel, pop, tango, and Xiqu.

    His particle physics opera, TOUR, focuses on subatomic educators colliding in the academic Accelerator, is a 2020 Downtown Urban Arts Festival finalist; and had developmental readings under CreateTheater and under The 24 Hour Plays in partnership with the Dramatists Guild. His epic astrophysics mythology, ELLIPSES, stars Singularity and their teenage Galaxies and follows their quest to undo the Big Bang, after their dog Gravity sets it off. This coming-of-age musical has been developed in yearlong workshops at WTP and Theater Resources Unlimited. He is cowriting PARALLEL UNIVERSITY for the NYPL Performing Arts Library program with Malina Detcheva-Rossa and Marie Incontrera.

    His songs have been showcased at Cabaret on the Couch, Musical Theatre Factory, NYPL Performing Arts, and Play Café. He also plays the sackbut.

    Pham is the science dramaturg and a moderator at the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas. He creates and practices professional new development dramaturgy under their Dramaturgy Master Intensive and the International Dramaturgy Lab with LMDA. He often follows María Irene Fornés’s tenets. He is the associate producer of Reach For It, Inc.; a producing mentee under Jane Dubin and Jennifer Isaacson of TRU; a founding member of CreateTheater; and a member of ΣΠΣ, ASCAP, and the Dramatists Guild.

    Speaking Engagements

    June 2021: International Dramaturgy Lab
  • January 2021: Story Collider